The 2022 Content Insight will share
the creation and development process, insight, and platform utilization
of masters and experts who have demonstrated an innovative worldview
through IP, technology(TECH), and platforms (PLATFORM).

Goal In the age of content universe, we divided the content industry's interests into three areas: IP, Technology, and Platform. Through domestic and foreign content industry masters and experts, we provide insight into the latest issues and trends in the global industry.
Date October, 27(Thu) 10:00 am ~ 17:00 pm
October, 28(Fri) 10:00 am ~ 17:00 pm
Target Audience About 600 people in the content industry, including content creators
(Off-line: 100 people, On-line: 500 people)
Location Off-line : Grand seminar room, KOCCA Education Services center View map
On-line : Youtube Channel, KOCCA Korea Content Link Click
Application Deadline Open Conversation & Presentation : ~ October,25(Tue) 10:00am
Workshop : October.20(Thu) 10:00am

Creation of the Content and the Universe



Creation of the universe

A Master who created new character IP by building one's universe
  • Director Hanmin Kim & Critic Sungchul Joo
  • Writer Seokyung Chung & Critic Sungchu Jool

Visualization of the Universe

A master who visualized the creative universe through content technology
  • Seungyup Baik, CEO of LOCUS X
  • Sungjin Jung, VFX supervisor
  • Rene Schulte, Microsoft Regional Director



Creation of the universe

A Master who created new character IP by building one's universe

  • Pietari Paivanen, Lead at Supercell

Spread of the universe

Enterprises that have innovated the way of content distribution with the DTC platform that connects creators and consumers directly

  • Eva Pi, Head of TikTok Korea Global business marketing
  • Heonkyu Jin, CSO of Onestore
  • Daejin Jeon, Director of Kakao entertainment

Workshop 10.27~10.28

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  • Rene Schulte, Microsoft Regional Director
  • Pietari Paivanen, Lead at Supercell
  • Suyoen Hur, Creative Strategist of TikTok Korea Global Business Marketing
    / Sunghyun Kim, Head of Kakaoentertainment novel production


Creation of the worldview

  • Hanmin Kim

    (Movie Director)

  • Seokyung Chung

    (Movie & Series Writer)

  • Sungchul Joo

    (Movie Critic)

  • Pietari Paivanen


Realization of the worldview

  • Rene Shulte


  • Sungjin Jung

    (VFX Supervisor)

  • SeungYup Baik

    (LOCUS X)

Realization of the worldview

  • Eva Pi

    (TikTok Korea)

  • Heonkyu Jin


  • Daejin Jeon

    (Kakao entertainment)